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    Getting Free Domain and Hosting Service

    Hello, I'm thinking of setting up a website, I'll write html and css myself, but I don't know how to do domain and hosting service. Some people are opening a site with a free domain, do you know how it is?
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    Searching for Spam-Free Hosting

    Friends, I will not have spam problems and we need a reliable fast hosting. Because we will move our site accordingly. Waiting for your suggestions.
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    I want to open a website. I am very undecided about hosting. Can you help me?

    Hello everyone, I want a website for my psychology clinic I will use wordpress but I am confused about hosting, how many GB is enough? If yes, can you help sites for hosting?
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    Laptop recommendation for programming (C++)

    Budget 10,000 My cousin is going to college and wants a good laptop where he can program. Below is a laptop he found, but I didn't quite understand it so I wanted to ask you. Is the following laptop good, can you write if there are better ones? NOTE: I said the budget is 10K, but he said it can...
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    Which programming language should I choose?

    I have no knowledge about software and coding and I want to make a mobile application, which programming language should I start with?
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    Mobile Programming jack input

    Hello guys, I'm having a hard time turning the screen on and off because the power button of my Android phone has dropped. I have a button with a jack input, it plugs into the place where the headphone is. What I want to do is that the button attached to the jack input locks and unlocks the...
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    Learning HTML Help

    First of all, I wish you a good day. I'm learning HTML, I'm new, and I encountered a few problems, but I tried everything but failed. I wonder if you can make the HTML code of this table and send it to me, thank you in advance.
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    How can I learn Html Css Javascript?

    How can I learn Html Css Javascript? Is there anyone you can recommend?
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    Adding Music in HTML

    First of all, hello everyone. I want the website to play music automatically in the background, but no matter what command I try, it doesn't work, I would appreciate if anyone who knows can help.
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    Logo for technology site

    I will share a blog on technology. For now I am using this as favicon and I need a logo that will create mark value. I can't use it because a zillion sites use it as a logo (including Technopat,navyarchive).what can I use as a logo for something more original.
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    Can you suggest a name for which I will open a Technology Sales page?

    Friends, I will open a technology sales page in the shopier, can you suggest a name? Also, I don't have any products, I will order the products from amazon and send them to the address. Is that so?
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    A New Technology I Can Present

    I have a Computer Hardware class, I will make a presentation tomorrow, the teacher says I want crazy information, what can I introduce, which technological product can be, it does not matter in technology, it must have hardware features and new technology
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    get youtube premium

    Friends, I will buy youtube premium, but do we have to buy it again after 1 month or does it take 2 months and switch to normal youtube when it expires?
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    It's kicking me out of my youtube account.

    Youtube constantly asks me to log in every time I refresh the page? what is the solution
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    A Strange YOUTUBE issue

    I can't open youtube when using Microsoft edge. Strangely, when I enter the hardware archive forum, I can't click anywhere. How can I solve this problem? I installed new windows on the system. Interestingly, when I install windows on my boss's laptop, he doesn't open youtube with microsoft...
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    International Telephone

    Hello, I have a 13 pro max device and the yd device is the last day for registration, January 15, I have to go to Europe, do I need to register the phone, which is closed on January 25, because I will use it in Europe or if I do not register, if the phone turns off, will it not open? I will be...
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    Phone stuck on boot logo

    Hi. The phone galdied at the phone boot logo, it went into loop, the first thing I will do is format it, even though I do them, it stays on the boot logo again, this time it enters the recovery Mode again, the robot system says, but instead of the phone boot logo, it enters the recovery Mode...
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    I can't remove my Discord phone number

    In Discord, my phone number is in another account, but I cannot remove my phone number, there is no remove option, where do I remove my number?I can't remove my Discord phone number
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    hide photo in gallery

    I don't want some photo folders in the phone's memory or on the sd card to appear in the gallery. Is there a solution for this?
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    What does it mean?

    What does this text mean when I click on a notification or something else while browsing Pinterest? The meaning is: In short, it's like there's nothing where you click. It doesn't happen to me.